Former Cardinals Slugger Albert Pujols Sues Former Cardinals Slugger Jack Clark for On-Air Accusations of PED Use

Jose Alberto Pujols Alcantara v. Jack Anthony Clark
St. Louis County Circuit Court, 13SL-CC03506
What Happened?
On August, 2, 2013, former Major League star Jack Clark accused Albert Pujols of having used performance enhancing drugs earlier in his career.  Clark alleged that he was informed back in 2000 by Pujols’ former trainer that he had “shot (Pujols) up” with steroids.  The show’s co-host also said he long had suspected that Pujols has used steroids to which Clark allegedly responded, “I know for a fact he was.”
Albert Pujols, has maintained all along that he has never used performance enhancing substances of any kind.  In response to the broadcast, the radio station issued a retraction and apology to Pujols:
InsideSTL Enterprises publicly retracts the allegations of PED use by Albert Pujols made on the station recently.  We regret that these statements were made.  To the extent that our transmission and broadcast of these statements was perceived by anyone as indicating support for, or validation of, those allegations, we emphasize that we had no advance knowledge of the allegations, we did not make them, we know of no proof or evidence to substantiate them, and we disavow and retract them.
We believe that Albert Pujols is a man of principle, faith, and character.  We sincerely apologize to Albert Pujols, and his wife and family, for any damage this situation may have caused them, and we assure them that insideSTL has tremendous respect for the person he is, both on and off the field.
Additionally, the radio show was pulled from the air after only 7 broadcasts.
Despite the apology, Pujols has now filed a lawsuit against Clark, individually, seeking unspecified damages for defamation of character.  He claims that Clark’s, statements were “malicious, reckless and outrageous falsehoods” and have caused him “personal humiliation, mental anguish and anxiety.” 
Pujols further characterizes his own reputation as “impeccable and beyond reproach” and portrays Clark as a “struggling radio talk show host.”  
Lie Detector Test

Via his attorneys, Clark has offered to take a lie detector test if Pujols will sit for one as well.

What’s Next?

Updates will be posted as new information emerges.

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