Ballplayer Kills Umpire Following Game

Young v. State, 10 Ga.App. 116, 72 S.E. 935 (Ga.App. 1911)

What happened?

The defendant, Young, was a member of a baseball team that played a baseball game on a Saturday afternoon.  The deceased, Williams, was umpiring the game and keeping score.

Young claimed that the opposing team had scored three runs; however, Williams had given them five runs, leading to an argument in which “cursing followed.”  Williams started toward the defendant with his hand in his pocket and Young reacted by pulling a gun and shooting Williams, killing him. 

Young was indicted for murder but convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison.

Young appealed the conviction, seeking a new trial. 

How did the court rule?

Young’s request for a new trial was denied and the conviction was upheld.

“Where a baseball player and an umpire become involved in a quarrel over a point in the game, and while the umpire is advancing toward the player with his hand in his pocket the player pulls his pistol and kills the umpire, a verdict finding the player guilty of voluntary manslaughter is not contrary to law, nor without evidence to support it.”


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