Baseball Law

Colonel John Henry Wigmore’s Puzzling Proposal

MUSTACHIOED JAPANESE BASEBALL PIONEER John Henry Wigmore was born in San Francisco in 1863 to immigrant parents. He would eventually graduate near the top of his class from Harvard Law School, a founding member of the Harvard Law Review. Wigmore practiced law briefly in Boston before moving to Japan, where he was appointed the first... Continue Reading →


Fans Have Complained That Baseball Games Take Too Long for Well Over a Century

What people want is action, and the faster a game is played, the better they will like it. It is no secret that Rob Manfred has led the charge to shorten the length of Major League contests through his pace-of-play initiatives. His reasoning being that fans do not have the patience to sit through slowly... Continue Reading →

MVPs with the Lowest WARs

Here are the 10 lowest bWARs ever to be awarded the National League MVP. As you can see, Willie "Pops" Stargell takes the prize here having slashed .281/.352/.552 in 1979 while hitting 32 home runs and knocking in 82, good enough for the 9th best WAR on the Pirates. He split the award with Keith... Continue Reading →

Nuts to Babe Ruth: A Retrospective

As a college freshman in 1991, my final paper of the term was to be a persuasive piece, advocating for one particular side.  The professor warned that she would be wary of any sports topics, however, looking to avoid turning the assignment into a "corner bar argument." Undeterred, I set out to prove that Ted... Continue Reading →

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