Frank “Fiddler” Corridon and a Most Unbreakable Record

Frank Corridon has been credited—perhaps apocryphally—with discovering the spitball. Dubbed “Fiddler,” he spent off seasons playing violin for the Providence Orchestra. He almost died of pneumonia the year before making his Major League debut but recovered, and eventually set an unbreakable pitching record. Shortly after his death, a street was named after him in Newport,... Continue Reading →

Cubs and Jim Brewer Sue Billy Martin for Injuries Resulting from Bench Clearing Brawl

Brewer v. Martin, 238 N.E.2d 162, 96 Ill.App.2d 54 (Ill. App. 1 Dist., 1968) What happened?On August 4, 1960, Cubs southpaw Jim Brewer was making his fourth career major league start against the Cincinnati Reds. In the first inning he walked leadoff man Billy Martin, surrendered three singles and gave up two runs. When Martin... Continue Reading →

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